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It has been a ‘much longer than expected process, redeveloping the manufacturing process and testing the New Pro-Bro rc Bodyboard’er. This has been in an effort for it to be more cost effective , yet infinitely tougher, but !…still boasting the same awesome authentic performance and appeal of the original custom made boards.
The current retail cost of a ‘Ready to Surf Pro-Bro rc Bodyboard’er = US$550 + shipping ($100 EMS express air shipping) - excluding the required Lipo battery, due to very stringent safety shipping costs. On request - For the Hobby enthusiast, who may have much of the electrics required -OR- For a further savings - We do offer the Pro-Bro rc Bodyboard “Without the electrics” at a retail cost of = US$375 + Shipping ($75 EMS express air shipping)
Recommended lipo’s - 3s or 4s in the 5000mAh range - these lipo batteries are easily available from most all local hobby stores or registered on-line stores who are permitted to ship Lipo's. (Links can be provided on request)
If you are keen to order a Pro Bro rc Bodyboard - please complete the order form below.
Due to the perceived processing of current pre-orders and stock procurement, our estimated lead times for shipping are at 3-4 weeks from date of confirmed order.
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