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      Bro Surfer

h= 300mm -stance 220mm
weight = max 150 grams

Bigger presence and more flotation than standard riders on NQD boards
Price = US$100
(excluding postage)




Depending on your rc Surfing intentions or requirements, there are several rc Surfers available on the market today, ranging from ZAR 500 ($70) for a mass produced rc Surfer , to ZAR 12500 ($1500).....and some...for bigger, custom built, hand-made rc Surfers.

Listed below are two sites offering the run of the mill, mass produced, inexpensive, low end rcSurfers. Understandably the performance and reliability expectations of these products need to be kept in line with the manufacturers specifications and asking prices. 


Watch the video in this site to get a better understanding of its performance.

I came across this public You Tube video whilst doing relative price & product research- it shares the clients actual first hand experience of what the 'out of the box' performance of his newly purchased mass production rc Surfer board was like.........

out of th ebox

Many folk have used these products - 'rebuilt and upgraded them' to very capable levels - getting them to surf very well - although - requiring a fair degree of added cost - much needed skillful workmanship  and the necessary knowledge....

For the more 'demanding' rc Surfer....... 

Launching an rc Surfer into the ocean with  high expectations of great 'performance' and 'reliability' in the surf, will require a proven rc Surfer that has what it takes from the start.......

surviving every session

Bro rc Surfers are specifically designed and meticulously hand-built , taking as many as 30 hours of labor, to deliver on the expectations of the more demanding rc Surfer.
To meet the high design requirements, our Bro rc Surfers are equipped with quality electronic running gear and hardware materials.

The Bro rc Surfer design process has not only taken into account the need for the rc Surfer itself to perform well in variable surf conditions, but also, for the 'purchaser '  to afford and maintain the rc Surfer at a ongoing, reasonable cost. 

Pooling all these factors into the Cost equation :

Price for a 'ready to surf' Bro rc Surfer sold in South Africa

Size: Length 700mm X width 200mm X depth 30mm 
2930kv water cooled brushless motor - high Amp spec water cooled ESC 
Including - two 3s 5800 mAh lipo batteries, a balance charger, a 2.4Gig pistol grip radio (8 x penlight batteries required) and  3 spare plastic props.
Price - ZAR 8500-00 (excluding shipping)

Price for a 'ready to surf' Bro rc Surfer sold Internationally

Size: Length 700mm X width 200mm X depth 30mm
2930 kv water cooled brushless motor -high Amp spec water cooled ESC
Including - 2.4 gig pistol grip radio (8 X penlight batteries excluded) and 3 spare 30mm pitch props.
Excluding - 3s 5800 mAh lipo batteries and charger.
Price - US$900 (excluding shipping) - Int. est. shipping cost by air = US$50

All Bro rc Surfers are hand 'made to order' and can take up to 4 weeks to be ready for shipping, depending on current orders.

contact  dominicyoung@iafrica.com for further info or to place an order.

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