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   Our board brand                                   


custom built to be     uniquely original

each board is
specifically hand-made one - by-  one  being custom

each board is
uniquely original    being  one -of- one

each board  is a functional work of art


Living in Cape Town - sunny South Africa, I retired in 2007, at age 42, from owning a medium sized interior  manufacturing company, to home school our 4 young children, with my lovely wife, Lisa-Marie.


Since then, I have been able to pursue my life long passion more intently, continuing to design and develop specialized radio-control racing boats and the like, under the banner of our rc boat company - Young'z  Performance Craft (YPC) - exporting our products globally.
domboatypc logo
A typical  1/4 scale rc F1 gas outboard tunnel hull race. All the F1's in this video have been designed and produced by YPC.......with many more racing all around the world. 

YPC F1 Gas tunnel hulls racing

Always having a deep love for the ocean, surfing from the age of 6 years old, Surf Racing Inflatable Boats and Free Style Jet skiing throughout my 20's and 30's - the introduction of  Bro rc Surfer  to our YPC rc product range, was just a matter of time.

Much has been invested into realizing the ideal design and development process of our YPC custom Bro rc Surfer - the journey so far has been an awesome experience, shared with many great folk from all around the world.


Our mission statement:

To join others from all around the world to continue to grow the awesome sport of rc Surfing to new heights.
To be committed to ongoing development, always striving to supply a high quality, value for money product,  that will deliver instant gratification to the discerning buyer.

Dominic Young
aka - Bro rcSurfer

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