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Welcome to Bro's rc Surfer zone !

Hi !.....thanks for paddling in....hope you enjoy the session..

Bro rc Surfer is one of a small number of niche in-house custom designed 'hand built'  rc Surfer developments  around the world, committed to taking rc Surfing to a new level....rc Surfing a wave  (up to 8ft face high) is an absolute blast and skillful challenge.......looking to get as deep into a barrel, making it out, pulling off a 360 degree rotational big air move, landing back onto the wave or executing a radical 180 cut back / off the lip... feels as good as actually doing it oneself. 


The inception of rc Surfing dates back to the1980's when Chris Barela of the USA built an rc Surfer to pass the time at surf contests when the surf size was too small to host the event. Since then, rc surfing has grown extensively around the world,bringing a 'new wave' of Surfing to the shorelines.Providing great pleasure to young and old , babe and dude alike, whilst stopping astounded bystanders  in their tracks, watching in total amazement, as they witness the amazing spectacle of rc Surfing.

  WARNING rc Surfing can become an addiction, with no known cure.....

Like actual surfboards are purposely  designed to meet certain demands and expectations, rc Surfboards, so too are purposely designed and built to meet  certain demands and expectations. There is a varied range of rc Surfers available to chose from on the market today. From the smaller, inexpensive plastic molded, basic running gear, mass production boards, selling from ZAR500 (US$70) to the bigger, specialized, custom designed, hand made, authentic glass over foam boards, equipped with high end running gear and  technology, selling for as much as ZAR12500  (US$1500)

YPC's custom Bro rc Surfer's  are skilfully 'hand built' to deliver high end performance expectations in the surf, for the more demanding rc Surfer.



With the current 'Global' drive encouraging innovative development in 'electric power' seeking a cleaner, more efficient power source,  the rc sport on a whole has benefited largely by the newly developed technology. 

Much of the 'new development and technology' has been introduced into our sport, making rc Surfers so much more capable than years before.

Our Bro rc Surfers achieve speeds of 35 km/h plus  - with great power and acceleration, enjoying 15 - 20 minute surf sessions per battery pack..........

Check out  Bro's YouTube Video's - surfing 1 - 6 ft face waves....having an absolute blast. Each video is a snip bit of an average 45 minute surf session................

Enjoy the paddle .............. 
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